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China Custom Automobile Roller Chains for Engine Timing 05E 05BT 06AT 06BT 06BT-2 06BTH-2 near me supplier

Roller Chains for Engine Timing

Roller chain for engine timing is mainly used for automobile engine timing systems, oil pumps, balance shafts, standard rail pump drive systems,s, etc. This chain is the critical engine component with high strength and durability.



Pitch Roller
Width between
inner plates
plate depth
tensile strength
per meter
P d1 max b1 min d2 max L
Pt Q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/lbf kg/m
05E 8.000 5.65 4.60 3.05 12.3 7.65 1.3 1.04 7.0/1574 0.38
05BT 8.000 5.65 4.60 3.05 12.3 7.65 1.3 1.20 8.5/1912 0.41
06AT 9.525 6.35 3.94 3.28 10.5 8.20 1.3 1.04 8.9/2002 0.34
06BT 9.525 6.35 5.72 3.28 12.5 8.20 1.3 1.04 9.0/2045 0.38
06BT-2 9.525 6.35 5.72 3.28 22.9 8.20 1.3/1.6 1.04 10.24 16.9/3802 0.67
06BTH-2 9.525 6.35 5.72 3.28 25.1 8.20 1.6 1.20 10.24 17.8/4045 0.84


  • Engine timing system
  • Cam-cam system
  • Balance shaft drive system
  • Oil pump drive system
  • Fuel injection pump drive system

Advantages of Timing Chain

With the continuous progress of vehicle manufacturing technology and industrial development, the engine chain has replaced some engines’ timing belts. Compared with the traditional belt drive, the chain drive mode has reliable transmission, good durability, and can also save space. The whole system is composed of gears, chains, and tensioning devices. Among them, the hydraulic tensioner can automatically adjust the tensioning force to make the chain tension consistent and free of maintenance for life; this makes it have the same life as the engine; not only the safety and reliability have been improved, but also the use and maintenance costs of the engine have been reduced, which can be said to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

The timing belt must not have tooth skipping or fracture for all engines. If tooth skipping occurs, the engine will not work usually, and unstable idling, poor acceleration, or failure to hit the vehicle will occur; If the timing belt is broken, the engine will shut down immediately, and the multi-valve engine will cause the piston to bend against the valve, which will seriously damage the whole engine.

As the working time of the engine increases, the rubber timing belt and other accessories, such as tensioner, tensioner, and water pump, will be worn or aged. Therefore, for the engine equipped with the timing belt, the manufacturer will have strict requirements and regularly replace the timing belt and accessories within the specified period. The timing chain made of steel with high strength can solve this problem. As we all know, the strength of the metal is much greater than that of rubber, which significantly reduces the degree of deformation, and the probability of tooth skipping and fracture is also minimal.

Comparison Between Timing Chain and Timing Belt

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of the timing chain compared with the old belt from several aspects. First, the cost of producing the timing chain is significantly higher than that of the timing belt for the manufacturer. Moreover, since the chains are maintenance-free for life, the later benefits of the manufacturer will also be reduced. In addition, the timing chain will have a particular impact on the engine power performance compared with the belt. From the perspective of consumers, due to the limitation of the service life of the timing belt, the subsequent maintenance cost of the user will increase. The service life of the timing chain is the same as that of the engine, so there is no need to replace it, and of course, there is no need to pay relevant fees.

Finally, compare the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 materials and structures: the timing belt has slight noise, small transmission resistance, and small transmission inertia, which can improve the power and acceleration performance of the engine and can be easily replaced. However, the disadvantages are that it is accessible to age, the failure rate is high, and the use cost of vehicle owners is relatively high. The advantages of the timing chain are long service life, low failure rate, and not be easy to break down due to timing transmission failure. However, it also has disadvantages, such as high chain rotation noise, considerable transmission resistance, and large transmission inertia. From a certain point of view, it increases fuel consumption and reduces performance. Although the formal structures of the 2 materials have some advantages and disadvantages, as far as the current development trend is concerned, the timing chain will be applied to more engines. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of this part by designers, the vehicle cost for users will be lower and lower.

Automobile chains manufacturer

HZPT was founded in 2004. The company has advanced manufacturing technology, a relatively strong manufacturing force, and high-end precision testing instruments to ensure that every chain delivered is qualified. The company mainly deals in: transmission chains, transmission chains, lifting chains, agricultural machinery chains, stainless steel chains, etc. Make various non-standard chains separately. The company has more than 600 kinds of non-standard molds. It can be customized. HZPT. Implements comprehensive management and control of product quality and service to improve customer satisfaction continuously. The chain produced by the company enjoys a particular reputation in China with high quality, good reputation, and high-quality service. The sales network is spread over 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions. It is exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other countries. It is well received by users. In the future, the company will continue to develop all kinds of transmission chains and transmission.

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Because sprockets significantly impact the chain’s life, all challenging sprockets (from casting to precision mechanical cutting) are manufactured according to strict tolerances and quality control. We also recommend that all customers replace the sprocket when replacing the chain to maximize the chain life.


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